The overall governance structure of COSMIC is shown in the figure below.



Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board  is the decision-making body of the consortium and comprises one representative from each Beneficiary and two representatives from the ESR Board (currently xxx and yyy).


Coordinator and Deputy Coordinator 

The Coordinator  (Prof. dr. Antoine van Kampen) is the legal entity acting as the intermediary between the Parties and the Funding Authority. In addition to its role as Beneficiary and Work Package Leader, the role of the coordinator involves but is not limited to:

  • Running the project (e.g., managing your day-to-day commitments, overseeing and monitoring the project, organizing (progress) meetings)
  • Distribution of funding among the partners
  • Timely submission of documents for deliverables and periodic/final reporting
  • Communication and dissemination of project activities and results
  • Tasks assigned in the Grant Agreement and this Consortium Agreement.

The Deputy Coordinator  (Dr. Jeroen Guikema) assists the Coordinator with the coordination of the project in addition to his role as Work Package Leader and chair of the Ethics Committee.


Work Package Leaders 

Each work package will be managed by a work package leader who is responsible for the performance and progress of the work package with regard to the overall work plan.

The work package leaders ensure the successful completion of objectives and tasks. The responsibilities of the work package leaders are as follows:

  • Monitoring the progress of the work package and ensure that the work package fulfils the objectives, tasks, milestones and deliverables as listed in Annex 1 Part A and Part B of the Grant Agreement;
  • Monitoring and facilitating collaboration between the work packages;
  • Organizing regular video conferences with work package members to discuss progress and coordination;
  • Presenting work package progress during the annual COSMIC meetings;
  • Writing and delivering progress reports of the work package to the Coordinator for formal reporting to the Funding Authority (EU);
  • Alerting the coordinator in case of delay or default in the performance of the work package;
  • Assisting in the dissemination of results from the work package;
  • Preparation of proposals for a change in the work package if needed.

The Work Packages and Work Package Leaders are shown in the figure below.


 Work package 1. Coordination and Management (Prof. dr. Antoine van Kampen )
 Work package 2. Training and Supervision (Prof. dr. Antoine van Kampen )
 Work package 3. B-cell Lymphoma (Dr. Jeroen Guikema )
 Work package 4. Rheumatoid Arthritis (Prof. dr. Rikard Holmdahl )
 Work package 6.  Communication, dissemination, exploitation, and public engagement (Prof. dr. Antoine van Kampen )


ESR Board

The ESR board  is formed by all ESRs and act as an advisory committee for the Supervisory Board. Currently, the ESR board is chaired by XXX.


ESR Ombudsman

The ESR Ombudsman  is appointed by the Supervisory Board with approval of the ESR board. The Ombudsman is charged with representing ESR interests by investigating and addressing complaints or violation of rights. Currently XXX acts as Ombudsman.


Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee  is formed by the Coordinator and Deputy Coordinator, an independent ethics advisor (Prof. dr. Giovanni Boniolo) appointed by the Supervisory Board, and the Beneficiaries that use and/or acquire data and/or material from human or animal studies. The Ethics Committee is chaired by the Deputy Coordinator and addresses all ethical issues if they arise.


The Educational Counsel (EC) provides advice to the PIs/ESRs to establish the fellow's Personal Carreer Development Plans (PCDPs). In addition, they monitor ESRs’ progress using PCDPs as guide and report to and advice the SB about individual or COSMIC-wide aspects of the training programme. Personal progress meetings are held at the Annual Meetings or more often if required. ESRs can consult the EC for any training issue. The composition for the EC will be decided by the Supervisory Board.


The Recruitment Committee (RC) with academic and non-academic members and different background will assist all partners in recruitment procedures: (i) advertisements and ESR criteria, (ii) promoting and monitoring gender balance, (iii) screening written applications to advice PIs and applicants, and (iv) ensuring that the COSMIC recruitment policy is implemented properly and comparable between Beneficiaries. Members of the RC comprise the Dr. Laurian Jongejan , Dr. Martin Turner , Dr. Stefano Casola , and Dr. Maria Martinez. Chair: Prof. dr. AHC van Kampen.


The Management Support Team  is appointed by the Coordinator and assists the Supervisory Board and the (Deputy) Coordinator. This team comprises the following persons:
The financial manager is part of the AMC Administration Centre (AMR). He supports the coordinator with the financial management of COSMIC and the execution of payments to the Beneficiaries and Partner Organisations. Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA) and an AMC Legal Counsel support the Coordinator with IPR and Legal issues (e.g., Grant Agreement, Consortium Agreement) respectively.

External Advisory Board

The non-executive External Advisory Board  is appointed by the Supervisory Board to provide strategic advice to the Supervisory Board and to facilitate links to other consortia and/or organisations. The External Advisory Board comprises the following persons:


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