Systems Medicine

The combat against immune related disorders such as B-cell lymphoma and rheumatoid arthritis faces many challenges. There is a need for novel strategies and better collaboration between public and private parties from different disciplines to significantly shorten the time and costs of research leading to new diagnostic tools and treatment.


Systems medicine is envisioned as this strategy and expected to address these economic health challenges by providing an integrated set of novel methodologies added to the clinical toolbox, and which is expected to significantly benefit healthcare professionals and patients.  However, to fulfil the promise of systems medicine and to turn this into a practical framework that truly assists clinical decision making (and personalised medicine) we require systems medicine showcase projects like COSMIC to develop systems medicine best practices and that deliver trained and experienced professionals. 


To realise this impact, COSMIC will link with leading European initiatives in systems medicine and systems biology such as EASyM and ISBE.  EASyM is the European Association of Systems Medicine which emerged from the leading EU Coordinating Action in Systems Medicine (CaSyM) that produced a systems medicine roadmap. Prof Radstake (EAB) represents EASyM in the COSMIC external advisory board. Prof. Westerhoff (EAB) represents ISBE (Infrastructure for Systems Biology Europe). COSMIC aims to link, collaborate, and embed in these European initiatives.


Within these EU frameworks COSMIC has the ambition to become a leading systems medicine project. Such position will provide a very attractive, inspiring and beneficial project for the research fellows. The embedding of COSMIC in European initiatives offers the ESRs opportunities to contribute to the short and long term goals of systems medicine in Europe.


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